Are your legal rights secured?

We can all run in to legal difficulties during everyday life. If you are not a not legal professional, such legal difficulties can easily feel overwhelming. If you can’t afford to buy professional legal counseling, your legal rights can soon become compromised.

The Faroe Islands Legal Aid

The Faroe Islands Legal Aid was founded in 1996 by voluntary jurists. The aim of the Faroe Islands Legal Aid is to offer individuals free legal counseling and guidance, so as to help them secure their legal rights. Everyone can turn to the Faroe Islands Legal Aid for legal counseling and guidance, but extensive legal counseling and guidance is only offered to those who are experiencing economic difficulties.

The Faroe Islands Legal Aid is a self-governing institution which is financed by governmental fundings, but is independent of public authorities and private interests.

The legal advisers at The Faroe Islands Legal Aid are all jurists or lawyers who work in the administration, for commercial businesses or for advocate firms. All inquiries are dealt with in confidence and the legal advisers are bound by professional secrecy.

The Faroe Islands Legal Aid provides counseling and guidance in matters such as:

  • Public welfare
    Legal rights regarding public pension, social allowances, unemployment benefits and other privileges from the government.
  • Administrative procedural rulings and decisions
    Rulings and decisions from the public administration, local or governmental, and help to write letters of complaints and appeals of such rulings and decisions.
  • Health treatment
    Matters regarding wrongful or inadequate treatment in hospitals, at doctors, at dentists and matters regarding the public health authority “Heilsutrygd”.
  • Insurance matters
    Matters regarding your insurance. Which claims are covered by your insurance and what possibilities are there for getting reimbursements?
  • Compensation and damages
    If you have been victim of e.g. assault or battery, theft or property vandalism.
  • Labor rights and employee matter
  • Discharge, holiday pay, bonuses, maternity leave, sick leave etc.
  • Separation, divorce, wife money, child money
  • Child custody
  • Legal rights of unmarried couples
  • Rights and regulations regarding inheritance, wills and succession
  • Apply for free legal proceedings and free legal counseling
    If you have to take the matter to court.

These are the most common inquiries we get, but the list is not exhausting. If your matter is not listed above, please feel free to contact us anyway.

Matters where the Faroe Islands Legal Aid does not provide counseling and guidance

  • If you run a business and the matter is regarding your business
  • If you need help writing a deed, mortgage deed, will, prenuptial etc.
  • If the matter is about defamation or slandering

The Faroe Islands Legal Aid does not go to court

  • The Faroe Islands Legal Aid cannot represent you in court.
  • Usually we do not make appearance in bailiff’s court or probate court either.
  • But we can apply for free legal proceedings and free legal counseling for you, if you have to take the matter to court, and provide you with other kinds of legal counseling and guidance.